Custom Injection Molding

Custom Plastic Injection Molding

As a full-service custom plastic injection molding company, Manar produces a wide range of high-precision parts. We operate four injection molding facilities, with technologically advanced automated and semi-automated processes.

With a vast range of 30-2,000 tons, our 62 horizontal and vertical presses can handle everything from simple, single-cavity molds to complex products that requires state-of-the-art equipment, processes and capabilities. No job is too simple; no project too complex.

Our experienced team of custom plastic injection molding experts has been instrumental in positioning Manar as a leader in the industry. From design and development through manufacturing, finishing, assembly and delivery, we get the job done–on time and within budget.

Engineering-Grade Materials

Our depth of experience can be seen in our ability to design and manufacture parts with most types of filled and unfilled engineering, commodity, and custom-blended materials.

These higher-grade materials are often more difficult to design and pose challenges throughout the injection molding process. Many high-temperature resins require special design, extremely tight tolerances and processing techniques. For plastic products made from today’s engineering-grade materials, you can rely on Manar. Materials used in our injection molding operations.

Gas Assist Molding

Certain molds for plastic parts require gas assist molding, a specialized process during which nitrogen gas is inserted into the mold cavity to push the plastic to the edges of the mold. Mostly used for hollow parts, such as rails, handles and tubes, gas assist molding helps to improve the part appearance, eliminate sink marks and create uniformity along the surface. Our custom plastic injection molding equipment includes both Cinpress and Nitrojection capabilities.

Insert Molding

Some components lend themselves to insert molding, during which the plastic is molded around a metal or plastic part that has been placed in the mold prior to the start of the injection molding process. Insert molding is accomplished in both vertical and horizontal press configurations.


Manar offers the highly specialized process of overmolding. Overmolding takes one plastic component and then molds another plastic housing around it. Overmolding often eliminates assembly operations by combining parts in the actual injection molding process.

Custom Plastic Molding Operations

Materials Processed

The following is a list of materials used in our injection molding operations:

Engineering Resins

  • Celcon
  • Radel R
  • Delrin
  • Udel
  • Cycoloy
  • Ultem
  • Cycolac
  • Zyron
  • Lexan
  • Valox
  • Noryl
  • Xenoy
  • Ryton
  • TPE

Commodity Resins

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