Development and Design Engineering

Development and Design Engineering

How can you determine the manufacturability of a thermoplastic product? By turning to Manar’s Development team. The earlier you bring us in as you begin to design a new product, the faster we can help determine the best design, the best material, and the best process for your needs.

Design and Engineering

Thermoplastic DesignOur engineers are experienced in designing molds for plastic parts that require engineering-grade specialty resins (such as Celcon, Radel R, Delrin, Udel, Cycoloy, Ultem, Xenoy, Ryton and Valox) and commodity resins, such as high-impact polystyrene, polypropylene, and polyethylene. We can assist in the development of your parts, utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology (such as mold filling simulation software) to help determine manufacturability, product integrity, reliability and performance. Our engineers have had great success in metal-to-plastic conversions, part consolidations, and alternative material selections.

In conjunction with our design services, we offer rapid prototyping for customers who want to see a visual representation of the proposed product. Rapid prototyping can be invaluable in determining the marketability and functionality of a thermoplastic part.

Frequently, customers want a small run of a proposed product to conduct sample testing to facilitate a successful new product introduction. Prototyping and production tooling can provide a seamless transition to full production at a later date. Working with several prototype service bureaus, we provide:

Production Molds

Through our years of experience, Manar has developed a network of resources, both domestic and offshore, in the area of mold development. After we assist you in developing and perfecting the design, we can have these resources build the mold for you.

Metal-to-Plastic Conversion

Manar has aided numerous customers in the design and conversion of components that were formerly metal into a thermoplastic material. This has helped in overall cost-per-piece reduction, while improving efficiency.

Cost Reduction Recommendations/Value Engineering.

Developing the most effective design is crucial to your bottom line. The success of any thermoplastic product is often determined at the engineering stage. Our engineering, manufacturing and design teams offer value engineering and best practice manufacturing suggestions to improve design, adjust the process and enhance workflow, thereby reducing your production costs.

Mold Flow Simulation

Using advanced mold flow simulation software, Manar can evaluate the manufacturability of a plastic mold design. Reports generated by the mold flow analyses graphically illustrate the fill process. The software analyzes how the thermoplastic material will fill the mold, where problems may occur, and pinpoint needed adjustments. Mold flow simulation can save time and additional costs by avoiding mold modifications in the future.

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